ETX & XTX Technology

XTX™ - "eXtended lifecycle for ETX®"

XTX™ is an expansion and continuation of the well-established and highly successful XTX™ - ETX® standard. XTX™ offers the newest I/O technologies on this proven form factor. Now that the ISA bus is being used less and less in modern embedded applications we will offer different features on the X2 connector then those found on the current ETX® platform.

These features include new serial high speed buses like PCI Express™ and Serial ATA®. All other signals found on connectors X1, X3, and X4 will remain the same in accordance to the ETX® standard (Rev. 2.7) and therefore will be completely compatible. If the customer's application still requires the ISA bus then a PCI-ISA bridge can be implemented on the customer specific baseboard. If this solution is too costly then the customer can use the readily available XTX™ LPC bus located on the AMC board.

ETX - Embedded Technology eXtended

XTX™ -

This well-established open standard fits the needs of embedded applications perfectly. The ETX® Standard offers the complete PC functionality within the very compact size of 114 mm x 100 mm (4.5" x 4").

Embedded BIOS

Embedded computers users usually require more than the standard functionality of an office computer. We have taken these requirements into account when designing our BIOS functionality. By drawing on the wealth of information that has been gathered as a result of more than 40 manpower years of combined experience in BIOS development, we have implemented the special requirements of an embedded BIOS into the onboard BIOS.