AS-25/35A Rugged anti vibration hard drive kit


The AS-25A Series is a drive kit with a patented vibration-resistant design. By keeping the drive separate from the vibrating case, it extends the drive’s life cycle. The unit is made of silicon plastic which does not easily break or deteriorate. The AS-35A supports 3 types of silicon plastic units each for a different environment.


  • Increases resistance of hard drive to side shock and vibration
  • Mounting holes and dimensions are set, to accommodate a variety of differently sized hard drives
  • Installation of the 3.5" and 5.25" models simple as the mounting hole dimensions are fixed

Environmental and Mechanical Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: 0-70°C
  • Storage Temperature: 20-50°C
  • Vibration (Operating):
    5 to 20Hz, 5.0G peak to peak
    60 to 200Hz, 30G peak to peak
  • Shock (Operating):
    50G peak acceleration (10ms duration)
  • Industrial PCs
  • Portable PCs
  • Man-machine and factory computer
  • File servers
  • Automobile
  • Boat Computer
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  • AS-25A (p/n: TK002501): 2.5" to 3.5" Anti-vibration drive chassis
  • AS-35A (p/n: TK002570): 3.5" to 5.25" Anti-vibration drive chassis