AMC-500/900 5/10 slot 5U 19 inch rackmount computer


  • Description: 5U height rackmount / compact chassis
  • Disk Drive:
    AMC-500: 1 x 3.5" FDD and 1 x 3.5" HDD
    AMC-900: 1 x 3.5" FDD, 1 x CDROM and 1 x 3.5" HDD
  • Backplane: Support ISA, PICMG, or PCISA bus CPU board
  • Add-on Cards:
    AMC-500: Supports up to 5 full length add-on cards
    AMC-900: Supports up to 10 full length add-on cards
  • Cooling: 1 x 8cm removable ball bearing cooling fan with front removable filter
  • Systems Monitor Board: Inbuilt, this board monitors 2 x temperatures, 2 x fan speeds and 1 x +5V DC input
  • Power Supply:
    AMC-500: Standard equipped with ACE-716A 150W AC input power supply
    AMC-900: Standard equipped with ACE-723A 230W AC input power supply
  • Chassis colour: Black (PANTONE Black C) or White (PANTONE 413C)
  • Supports stand alone function OR can be combined as a rackmount solution
Power Supply Options

Output Rating 150W 230W
Input Voltage 85~135V AC or
180~265V AC, 47~440Hz
85~135V AC or
180~265V AC, 47~440Hz
Rated Load +5V@18A
Maximum Output +5V@25A
MTBF 188, 800 Hours 206, 500 Hours

Mechanical and Environmental Specifications

  • Vibration:
    • 5~17Hz, 0.1" double amplitude displacement
    • 17~640Hz, 1.5G acceleration peak to peak
  • Shock: 10G acceleration peak to peak

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  • Dimensions (mm) 110(W) x 221.5(H) x 440.4(D)
  • Dimensions (mm) 220(W) x 221.5(H) x 440.4(D)