conga-QKIT/ARM Starterkit for Qseven ARM



To achieve a quick start with Qseven ARM modules the Conga-QKIT/ARM is a perfect solution coming with a Qseven Evaluation Carrier Board, a Congatec QMX6/QC-1G Qseven ARM module plus a LVDS to DVI convertor, Audio card adapter, a bootloader image based on Ubuntu Oneiric on 8GB MicroSDHC card, 180W PSU & cables, in fact everthing the developer needs to get started.

The QKIT Contains:

conga-QMX6/QC-1G: Qseven module based on Freescale's new i.MX6 ARM Cortex A9

conga-QEVAL/ARM: Qseven evaluation carrier board for standard Qseven ARM

conga-LDVI/EPI: LVDS to DVI converter board for digital flat panels with onboard EEPROM

conga-ACC/I2S: Audio card adapter with I2S and HDA codec for HDA/AC97 card edge connector

conga-HDMI ADD2 Card: Directly connect a HDMI display to the SDVO ADD2 slot on the Qseven evaluation carrier board

MicroSDHC-Card: Contains a ready to go bootloader image based on Ubuntu Oneiric; 8GB

HDMI to DVI-D adapter: Standard adapter to connect a DVI monitor to the HDMI connection

ATX Power Supply: Standard ATX power supply (180 Watt)

Cable Set: Complete set of cables to connect all components

Ordering Information

  • Conga-QKIT/ARM (p/n: LF000723): Starterkit for Qseven ARM modules, includes Evaluation Carrier Board and conga-QMX6/QC-1G Qseven module